Student of the Month

Milan Elementary School is again enjoying the sponsorship of the Milan American Legion Post #235 for its behavior recognition program.  

We are grateful for the Legion's sponsorship of this program.  They have been our faithful partners for more than 20 years!  The American Legion provides and prepares the award certificates. Mrs. Thelma Reese has been instrumental in the program's sponsorship for the past several years. Mrs. Reese makes out the certificates and Mr. Ron Mills represents the American Legion in awarding the certificates to the students.

This program focuses on a different desirable character-building trait each month. This year's traits are listed below. Please click on any month to reveal the students selected as the best representative of the monthly trait.

September - Good Listener

Sept 2016 SOM Good Listeners

September’s theme was “Good Listener” and the following students were chosen as those who always listened attentively and politely and so were able to follow directions as given and act appropriately:

Kindergarten: Teagan Herald, Eli Reed, Lila Goodpaster, Lily Arthur, Taylor Stock.
First Grade: Liberty Ratledge, Jillianne Herd, Kayden Bushhorn, Deegan Gregg.
Second Grade: Brionna Thomas, Jayden Graham, Alaina Bennett.
Third Grade: Kayla Roell, Alexis Degroot, Lucian Cooper, Hailey Pippin.
Fourth Grade: Markiesha Lillard, Serena Cobble, Joshua Fryman, Emersen King.
Fifth Grade: Gabriel Jones, Cameron Heinrich, Kirsten Pindell.

October - Trustworthy

Oct 2016 SOM

The theme for October was “Trustworthy” and teachers were watching for students who could be counted on to make good choices and do the right thing. Chosen as outstanding examples of this very desirable character trait were:

Kindergarten:  Drayden Pindell, Mason Baylor, Eleanor Robinson, Ryland Batten, Wilbur Wheeler.
Grade 1: Colby Bushhorn, Sophia Dudgeon, Aryanna Cassini, Jackson Meyer.
Grade 2: Brooklyn Bledsoe, Ezekiel Gilday, Logan Bruns.
Grade 3: Ben Knowlton, Dannielle Fryman, Tryniti Reed, Carson Haffey.
Grade 4: Keirstynne Stahle, Gabby Williamson, Teven Barber, Mason May
Grade 5: Ellie Knecht, Grant Sheckler, Ava Honnert, Braydon Prather.

November - Respectful

November 2016 Respectful

:   Kaydience Stahle, Parker Cunningham, Nevaeh Yorn, Ella Labazzo, Lane Smith.
First Grade:  Waylon Hunter, Jesse Weaver, Dakoda Mockbee, Zackery Hartman.
Second Grade:  Eric Wilson, Luciana Cipriani, Aiden Arthur.
Third Grade:  Shara Bishop, Ryan Betz, Wyatt Marsh, Braesyn Livingston.
Fourth Grade:  Landon Stanley, Jasmine Smith, Krystal Huff, Carson Betz.
Fifth Grade:  Parley Hartwell, Braelen McCleary, Jadyn Johnson, Mikaily Sizemore.

December - Responsible

December 2016 Responsible 2

:   Arhip Atamaniuk, Josselyn White, Kameron Laws, Ella Mills, Emma Burdette.
Grade 1: Gracelynn Wilson, Brooklyn Sheckler, Mallory Hunter, Kayleigh McIntosh.
Grade 2: Grant Langferman, Payton Collins, Kolbie Combs.
Grade 3:  Micah Norman, Wyatt Phelps, Ethan Clark, Grace Bedel.
Grade 4:  Alex Getz, Taytum Barker, Rose Steigerwald, Alexis Curry.
Grade 5: Kaitlyn Carpenter, DeAnn Egbert, Ellana Jutzi, Mason Johnson. 

January - Fairness

January 2017 SOM

Kindergarten: Logan Bishop, Peyton Baker, Jesse Welch, Lacey Hill, Beckett Langferman.
First Grade:  Kadance MacVey, Craig Hatfield, Nathan Frankenberry, Seth Thomas.
Second Grade:  Abigail Carpenter, Hunter Louden, Jayden Disbro.
Third Grade:  Ruby Brown, Ava Labazzo, Kynadee Bode, Nevaeh Carpenter, Ryley Collins.
Fourth Grade:  Michael Moffitt, Corbin Deaton, Dylan Offill, Katie Fussnecker.
Fifth Grade: Sarah Lillis, Allison Doyle, Dylan Thomas.


February - Caring


March - Good Citizen

April - Quality Work

May - Model Citizen