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Milan Elementary School is again enjoying the sponsorship of the Milan American Legion Post #235 for its behavior recognition program.  

We are grateful for the Legion's sponsorship of this program.  They have been our faithful partners for more than 20 years!  The American Legion provides and prepares the award certificates. Mrs. Thelma Reese has been instrumental in the program's sponsorship for the past several years. Mrs. Reese makes out the certificates and Mr. Greg Taylor represents the American Legion in awarding the certificates to the students.

This program focuses on a different desirable character-building trait each month. This year's traits are listed below. Please click on any month to reveal the students selected as the best representative of the monthly trait.

September - Good Listener

Sept 2017 Good Listener

September’s theme was “Good Listener” and the following students were chosen as those who always listened attentively and politely and so were able to follow directions as given and act appropriately:

Kindergarten:  Sophie Andrew, Makenna Hartman, Ryder Iles, Lily Arthur, Laynie Thompson.  
First Grade:  Mason Baylor, Jaxson McKeown, Drayden Pindell, Robinson Lloyd.  
Second Grade: Madison Finn, Allison Stamper, Gavin Trenkamp, Craig Hatfield.
Third Grade:  Kayleigh Bearden, Miley Ellis, Kolbie Combs. 
Fourth Grade:  Ben Knowlton. Lucian Cooper, Brianna Hatfield, Marissa Farrell.

October - Trustworthy

Oct 2017 Trustworthy

The theme for October was “Trustworthy” and teachers were watching for students who could be counted on to make good choices and do the right thing. Chosen as outstanding examples of this very desirable character trait were:

Kindergarten:  James Miller, Easton McKittrick, Lily Pannone, Trey Gill, Easton Bergman.
Grade 1:  Jesse Welch, Ellinore Lewis, Claire Burton.
Grade 2: Lainey Stock, Kadance Williams, Cooperlynn Lloyd, Riley Deaton.
Grade 3: Payton Collins, Logan Bruns, Aiden Arthur.
Grade 4:  Ruby Brown, Sophia Lewis, Violet Thome, Opal Shook.

November - Respectful

Nov 2017 Respectful 2

The Student of the Month theme for November focused on being Respectful and teachers chose those students who were outstanding in treating others the way they, themselves, would want to be treated.   

Chosen as outstanding examples of this good characteristic were:

Kindergarten:  Eden Carpenter, Ellen Olman, Bailey Craig, Daphnee Hacker, Mallory Kelly.
First Grade: Bella Bearden, Nevaeh Yorn, Daniel Hatfield.
Second Grade: Jackson Meyer, Sophie Riehle, Zander Burkett, Jesse Weaver.
Third Grade:  Chloe Andrew, Kyndell Furnish, Dara Morton.
Fourth Grade
:  Kynadee Bode, Matthew Baylor, Dillan Engel, Mya Horton.

December - Responsible

Dec 2017 Responsible
The December Student of the Month theme was “Responsible” and highlighted students who demonstrated good judgement and the ability to act correctly and make good decisions on their own.  These students can be counted on to do what is asked of them and to act sensibly in carrying out directions and assignments:

Kindergarten:   Sawyer Crank, Faithe Nordhoff, Karlie Walker, Alexa Klette, Julie Walke.
Grade 1: Makiah Stamper, Isabella Fuqua, Kami Laws.
Grade 2: Colby Bushhorn, Tianna Bushorn, Seth Thomas, Noah Fehr, Bailey Bree.
Grade 3:  Liam Johnson, J.J. Mutz, Stevi Peak.
Grade 4:  Wyatt Marsh, Asia Snelling, Hailey Pippin, Grace Deffinger.

January - Fairness

Jan 2018 Fairness
“Fairness” was the Student of the Month theme for January and recognized students who have a good sense of justice and equality for all and treat others fairly in class and at play.  Chosen as outstanding examples of this very desirable character trait were:

Kindergarten:  Dawson Poole, Hallie Mathis, Josie Shook, Brantley Lows, Dahlia Wade. 
First Grade:  Kaylene Starkey, Kyle O’Neil, Wil Wheeler. 
Second Grade:  Uriah Mays, Ariana Stevens, Scott Gulden, Keithan Maggard. 
Third Grade:  Payten Bates, Allana Lows-Feller, Ethan Welch. 
Fourth Grade:  Riley Wilkerson, Nevaeh Carpenter, Logan Messerschmidt, Tayah Holdcraft.

Pictured with the students in the attached photo is Mr. Greg Taylor representing the Milan American Legion Post, sponsors of the program.


February - Caring

Feb 2018 Caring for website
The Milan Elementary School Student of the Month theme for February was “Caring” and focused on students who exhibited compassion for others and were thoughtful, helpful and sensitive to the needs of others.

Chosen as outstanding examples of this very desirable character trait were:

Kindergarten: Emilia Robinson, Auden Rohrer, Bella Shook, Madison Burkhardt, Emma Rae Ashcraft.
First Grade: Hayden Knapp, Hayden Hartman, Josselyn White.
Second Grade: Zackery Hartman, Alexis Bishop, Brooklyn Smith, Kynnadi Hartley.
Third Grade: Brianna Sams, Kloee Callahan, Madison Disney.
Fourth Grade: Allison Williams, Kylie Scholle, Tryniti Reed, Eli Horn.

The boys and girls received special pencils and certificates prepared for them by Mrs. Thelma Reese and presented by Mr. Greg Taylor; both representing the Milan American Legion, sponsors of the program.

March - Good Citizen

Mar 2018 Good Citizen for website
During the month of March, teachers were watching for students who exemplify what it means to be a “Good Citizen” at MES; those who respect others and their property, are helpful and considerate, and work hard every day to make our school a better place.

Pictured below are the boys and girls who were chosen as outstanding examples of this very desirable character trait:

Kindergarten: Finnegan Hennies, Ava Jackson, Bryleigh Osborne, Jordyn Landis, Aviah Moody.
First Grade: Taylor Stock, Makenleigh Baylor, Kaydience Stahle.
Second Grade: Kayleigh McIntosh, Aubrey McAdams, Jillianne Herd, Dakota Huff.
Third Grade: Abigail Carpenter, Jayden Disbro, Brooklyn Bledsoe.
Fourth Grade: Karina Hoffman, Jessi Bitter, Tristen Jutzi, Braesyn Livingston.

We appreciate these students and their efforts to make MES a great place for all of us. 

April - Quality Work

May - Model Citizen

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