Birthday Policy


Birthdays: Birthdays are recognized in a variety of ways at MES: morning announcements, displaying names in the cafeteria area, and joining the principal for lunch and birthday cake at the monthly birthday celebration. We ask that no birthday treats (refreshments) balloons or flowers be sent to school. BALLOON DELIVERIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.    If your child is going to bring invitations to school for a party at home or elsewhere, make sure that all children in the class are invited. Otherwise, make other arrangements to distribute invitations.

School Parties: All students will, as a grade level, celebrate three parties with refreshments and game/activity time in the cafeteria. The following parties will be held: Fall Party; Winter Party; and, Spring Party. In addition, Valentine’s Day will be celebrated with a Valentine card exchange in each individual classroom.

In accordance with the school wellness policy, refreshments must be healthy snacks and be limited to small quantities.



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