Pick Up and Drop Off


If you must bring your child to school in the morning or pick him/her up after school, turn onto Lakeside Drive at the bottom of the hill and follow it to the side parking lot near the pool entrance. Students are to be dropped off/picked up in this area. DO NOT USE THE PARKING LOT IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL. This area is for bus drop off only.

Additional car traffic creates a serious danger for everyone. You may use the front parking lot after morning bus arrival and before afternoon dismissal times. Please do not plan for your child to arrive at school before 7:45 a.m.

Students will not be permitted to leave this building with older brothers or sisters under the age of 18 or with anyone we don’t recognize as their custodial parents, guardians or close family relatives. Do not send anyone to pick up your children without first calling our office to let us know about the circumstances. 


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